Terra EdgeSoft delivers cutting-edge solutions in the technology and telecommunication industry. We have implemented (AISS) and have seen tangible benefits in our international contact center.

Sangeeta Hotchandani Director at ,Brown Earth technologies Pvt

Terra Edgesoft team comprises of researchers / developers / PHD scientists in Data Sciences. The platform automates mundane tasks and brings data insights that puts great power into the hands of small and medium businesses. AISS ( Artificial Intelligence Services Stack ) platform gives customers a number of great benefits that you wouldn’t normally see in most conventional providers.

Chandan Khanna Founder, Gateway Software System Limited


    Terra Edgesoft is a multi-discipline technology global enterprise, delivering value, innovation and experience through emerging technologies to end customers and always with a focus on sustainability.

    We boast of having inhouse team of Cloud Architects, Data Scientists who have designed our innovative product Artificial Intelligence Services Stack ( AISS ), that includes plug-and-play microservices which are the primary tech for digital transformation and value addition.


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