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About Us

We have over 10+ APIs, that are benchmarked above Industry standard developed by a team of research scientists

We used these pre-trained APIs to solve your use cases. The reality is that our APIs have a variety of applications ranging from manual process automation to named entity Recognition, Predictive and Perspective Analytics, Sentiment Analysis, Emotion recognition  among many others.

Our Offerings

Computer Vision Stack

Pre-trained APIs that can perform tasks such as image classification, image profiling, and object recognition and perform predictive and prescriptive analysis on the same.

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Text Stack

Pre-trained APIs that can perform tasks such as text classification, Sentiment analysis, Intent classification , Named Entity Recognition (NER) & Relation Extraction and cognitive search.

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Speech Stack

Pre-trained APIs that can extract text from the speech signals, generate speech from text, separate voices based on frequency (Diarization), Sentiment & Emotion analysis to give you results beyond just a binary result, noise removal and voice cloning.

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Data Stack

We combine RPA and Artificial Intelligence to help automate processes. We use a variety of advanced techniques to extract data from different sources and perform analysis on it including identity verification, fraud detection, Anti-money Laundering.

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Our Trusted Clients

Our Process


We work with you to understand what your goals and requirements are and create a POC based on them.


We show the results using your own data sets and demonstrate what is possible.


We then rapidly transform the POC into fully scaled and bulletproof production-ready software which has clean interfaces with data entering on one side and the desired result coming out the other.


We can host and manage your solution in the cloud or you have the option to host it yourself.

Case Studies


Reduction of False Positives in SAS AML Data
One of the leading Banks in the UAE uses SAS, a post facto platform to handle Anti Money Laundering (AML). Alerts are currently rule based. Transactions made by a customer could be flagged as suspicious based on various rules, scenarios and parameters. The flagged alerts are manually checked by a Maker –


Providing Rural Connectivity In Nigeria
TerraEdge Soft is closely involved with one of the leading international O-RAN Technology solutions partner . The company has successfully deployed network across multiple countries across the globe. TES has been working with them on their multiple projects on O-RAN Solutions in West Africa Region , Central Africa Region, Central Asia Region as well


Data Mining Solutions For Leading Comapny
Data of entire telecom sites , included many more infrastructure items over and above tower company requirement was available on HP and IBM OSS Platform ( Operation Support System). The need was to focus only on data of interest and analyze.The network being live, site status changes to be monitored at regular intervals continuously...



50+ Professionals Deployed


AI/ML/NLP Experts.


Worldwide Offices

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